P.J. and Heather Fleck’s Row The Boat

A simple phrase packed with meaning



Row the Boat was created by University of Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck as a rallying cry for the men’s football team. The mantra has become a popular brand and is available on products at a variety of online and retail outlets along with the University of Minnesota bookstore.

We partnered with P.J. and Heather Fleck to launch an ecommerce hub for fans to engage, connect, and purchase Row The Boat branded merchandise. Revenue from the new web property benefits M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

Other Twin Cities based brands that collaborated on the project include apparel companies UNRL ,Chubbies, Fan Girl MN, and Love Your Melon, which are supplying the products featuring the Row The Boat brand for the site, along with sports retailer SCHEELS.


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