The road may be rocky, but you are not alone

Transforming children’s mental health care

AVL was selected as one of five website vendors to redesign and develop a new device responsive web property for Washburn Center for Children (WCC). WCC is Minnesota’s leading children’s mental health center, caring for a wide variety of needs associated with anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and trauma. AVL was privileged to be selected given its history and commitment to the non-profit sector while more importantly, WCC’s ongoing commitment to and excellence in childhood well-being.

How We Did It

Full-site Build

Enhance the overall user-experience

AVL enhance the online presence and overall user-experience for the general public, donors, mental health professionals, students, and trustees by leveraging analytics data to facilitate informed decisions in regards to relevant content and usability.

Meeting people where they're at

We focused on providing content for users to “meet them where they’re at” whether they are in the middle of a mental health crisis with their child, or just wanting to learn more through clear CTAs and specific bite-sized content for those in crisis, and long-form content for those who have time to dive in.


AVL optimized website performance and security to deliver an accessible and equitable experience for users on a variety of devices and browsers with varying needs.


Using personas and user journeys as a roadmap, AVL worked with Washburn to update the site structure and navigation to ensure users can find the information they are seeking quickly and easily. Using clear, to-the-point navigation items brought the most important content front and center, and the implementation of jump-to menus on landing pages allows users to easily dive in deeper on the subjects that are important to them.

Updated look and feel

AVL created a custom look and feel for the new Washburn Center website. Staying true to the personality of the brand, AVL implemented a colorful experience and created iconography to help tell their story. We increased diversity and inclusion on the website through updated photography and a specific site section on EDI, a key tenet of Washburn.

Ease of content administration

AVL implemented the site using WordPress with the Astra theme and Spectra page builder. This allowed the team to build pages easily and quickly, and will allow for ease of maintenance in the future.